What is Sniff Electronic Cigarette

Disposable eCig Features

Good for as many as 400 puffs (equal to about a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes),Sniff disposable electronic cigarettes make the perfect travel companion. Simply slip them into your shirt pocket, briefcase or purse, and enjoy the refreshing blast of a Sniff  electronic cigarette wherever you go.   

Sniff LED lights up with each puff. One-piece Construction    

Equal to approximately a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes, our disposable electronic cigarette combines the battery, atomizer and cartridge into one single piece construction.

Whether you are a long time backer of Sniff Cigs or just now thinking about making the switch, you undoubtedly have a question or two. The following are some answers to the more frequently asked questions:

Does a Sniff E-Cig produce smoke?

    No. While a Sniff electronic cigarette looks like it may produce smoke, this is in fact a vapor, which disappears in seconds.

Where can I smoke Sniff?

    Sniff is not a tobacco product; It does not burn; And it does not produce odor. For this reason, a Sniff e-cigarette can often be smoked in places where tobacco cigarettes are banned.(bars, stadium & etc) However, in order to be respectful and avoid causing a scene, you should always check with the establishment before you start vaping.